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    • The Devil's Disciple by G.B.Shaw

The ridule feies and Jourdain the fey, (Lenght: 75’)

inspired after J.B. Moliére, M. Bulgakov and W. Shakespeare

Director : Irina PILOȘ

	A spectacle which refreshes archetypical mitts contained
 by classical plays which treat universal themes as; love,
 courage, jalousie and sham.  
  	Jourdain, the central character of the play, is an
 illegitimate artist, which shares with generosity his charm
 to everyone around him, incapable of adapting to rigors
 dictated by the extremely damaged social system. 
  	A character who loves life and its spiritual
 satisfactions, wants to remain young through Dream and
 Pastime; He doesn’t hide his loves, living them at full
 intensity, especially in his own imagination. 
  	The panties and the tight waders shuffle him to take his
 money along with his spirit. Even if he continuously takes
 shocks, Jourdain doesn’t give up playing; he understands the
 role of the sham and gives it, through the power of his mind
 and spirit, a new form of manifestation.