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The sisters in law, (Lenght: 80’)

a comedy by Michel Trembay

Director: Cristian DUMITRESCU

	The thing that’s visible and sensible in this comedy of
 situations, is that, even if the action takes place in a suburb
 of Canada, can easily be associated with any other “world” that
 finds itself in family and social convulsions.
	This play is about an instant crowd that is formed
 when Germaine Lauzon wins a famous prize consisted in postmarks
 which must be affixed on notebooks to worth something.
	Her sisters and close friend get together to give her a
 hand to affix the postmarks and that is a reason for them to
 “treat” their personal and inter-personal frustrations.
	The “Sisters in law” ‘ s spirit of humor makes them
 fill their bags with postmarks thinking that Germaine “ has
 a million of them…”.
	As well as any other good comedies, “The sisters in
 law” has a profound dose of drama which lays stress on the
 human sensible spirit; especially in the final scene when
 Germaine discovers the robbery of her own sisters; she remains
 deeply moved, not by the loosing of the postmarks, by the
 significance of her sisters and close friend’s gesture.