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TEACH or…Aren't you ashamed to come to theatre? (Lenght: 50-60’)

by Jean-Pierre Dopagne

Director: Cristian DUMITRESCU

	Along studying the Greco-Latin antiquity and romantic 
 philology, Jean Pierre Dopagne studies theatre, which he 
 chooses to teach for 15 years.
	As a dramatist, he explores, trough a writing that 
 combines tenderness with humor, the bed functionality of the 
 society and of the human soul; What other writer and what 
 other play (made from the trilogy “Teach”-“Family 
 Photos”- “The Protagonist”) would be more appropriate 
 for any social system – that includes the educational one to 
 – that makes leeway…?
	Casandra concludes:“…We have to teach kids how 
 to act: their parents will be more attentive at 
 what their saying…I’m sure that George would have 
 become someone if he would have the chance to tell 
 his stories…To make ahead the young need someone 
 to support them!”